Friday, February 12, 2010

Partnering Amidst Devastation

After driving around earlier in the week, I am realizing more and more the extent to which the earthquake has affected Haiti. The devastation that happened downtown is much worse than other parts of the city due to poor infrastructure and how old the buildings were. It was really shocking for me to see the number of shops and homes that have been completely lost, one after another, and not like in other parts of the city. The biggest thing that people need right now are jobs and some inputs in order to restart business and built back all that that they have lost. It is only the people that had some savings that are able to start reconstructing their lives right away. After two weeks in Haiti, it’s becoming harder to comprehend the amount of pain families are experiencing. I became very ill this week and was up all night with severe stomach trouble which is making it hard to cope with the long work days and images that surround me… I have decided to take some time out and rest today.

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