Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On the Road - Let the Music Play

This is Mission, my assistant, with some new friends.

Today things were smooth. It's definitely a 2-thumbs-up day.

This morning we met with the owners of the land and discussed how to relocate people within the camp, in order to protect them from being too close to the factory that is now back at almost full production. The only plot of land still available is much smaller than the area where people are right now. It's necessary to plan. And do it carefully, because that land is also at risk of floods during the rainy season.

Next was to make an appointment with somebody doing site planning and mark out the space necessary to move emergency houses. Potentially, they can be turned into transitional shelters as soon as materials arrive.

Again, the community has taken a lot of initiative to identify those houses that have to go and space for relocation. It's my turn now to get the site design to continue with the plan.

Well, it's actually a domino effect that has to click: we need to organize a group of 20 people into a cash-for-work clean-up of the bridge. Then we need to excavate, make the upstream canal deeper, and consolidate the banks to prevent flooding.

It sounds complicated, but it's actually a matter of fine-tuning the orchestra.
Let the concert start!

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