Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On the Road - Meeting the Leaders

(photos from a meeting with leaders at Terrain Acra)

It's been a long while now since the establishment of the camp at Terrain Acra. Thousands of families and a dozen organizations interact in those square meters that used to be open land last Christmas.

There are two poles that speak on behalf on their communities: ARC as camp coordinating and management agency and the zone leaders.

Since the very beginning of our relief operation at Terrain Acra, a few individuals have been vital for us to understand the situation: they translated, explained, helped, assisted.

Through them we found qualified personnel to work in the clinic, carpenters to build shelters, animators for our Child Friendly Spaces. They are the same ones we introduced to other agencies who intended to extend their services to Terrain Acra.

On Tuesdays organizations and leaders get together to discuss where we are at, what's missing, what's not necessary any longer, and what we could develop together to make things work better.

It's when we work together like this that we can really get things done.

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