Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On the Road - Happy Customers

(Above: camp residents with their registration cards)

At cluster level, we have been talking about registration from the very beginning of the emergency.

It's a process that needs priority, in order to find out the numbers of people you are working for and other info that helps to to assist them better.

The registration is a process that requires a high number of human resources and paper, a simple and clear information campaign, some music to capture the attention of those who need to listen to the message of the registration agency and a lot of umbrellas to make shade for the people in line, waiting to release their family data.

People were requested to stay at home in order to receive the token to be presented for the registration. At the same time, music was playing and kids started dancing and with them the elderly.

The blue helmets of the Peace Keeping mission, requested to provide security, kept an eye on the crowd that was absolutely peaceful.

And the next morning, registration started, with hundreds lining up.
The questionnaire aimed at capturing the number of families and people for each family and their place of origin in order to prioritize the rubble removal and get started with the construction of the transitional shelter in places that are the best solution for the people: on the site where they used to live or nearby or with host families, relatives or friends with some space in the garden.

Once answered all the question, each family got issued an IDP card, with a unique serial number, corresponding to a file case that will map out the history of each family.

It's only a first step towards return to "normal" life, for hundreds of thousands.

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