Thursday, April 1, 2010

On the Road - Micro Economy

(top: man's juice and soda stand ; bottom: woman selling rapadou)

While thinking of the big picture to restart the economy, locals are not sitting around on the rubble.

The second week we were at the camp, this man with a camping cooler came out selling a few bottles of juice and sodas. His business has grown to the point that now he has a proper fridge that he locks at night with a chain.

Of course, there is no electricity at the camp to power a fridge, so that he has to buy blocks of ice every morning and put them on top of all the drinks that he keeps properly ordered. At night, the ice has melted and he empties the fridge with a bucket made out of half of a plastic bottle.

Next to him a "take-away" is making pressed fried bananas and spaghetti served with a red tuna sauce.

And then today a woman came by selling rapadou, a sweet snack made out of cane. Extremely sticky.

She held in perfect balance a piece on her head and the other one she had in her hand, showing it around, hoping for some business.

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