Thursday, January 28, 2010

Clinic Day at Terraine D'Acra

1) Doctor sees a mother and child at the clinic.
2) A woman waits with her child for care.
3) Community leaders plan the layout of the settlement (Latrines, safe spaces for women and children, etc. ..) With American Refugee Committee relief worker Eric James.

Yesterday was a big day at D'Terraine Acra settlement in Port-Au-Prince. We set up a health clinic in D'Acra and saw our first 90 patients - some who had quake-related injuries, who had some health issues related to the conditions in the settlement, and some who simply needed care for everyday issues. Along with our partner organization Egale Aimer serve and another local organization, We Were Able to treat patients and distribute medications to those who needed them. But, at the end of the day the line for the clinic was still very long. Our team has returned there this morning to continue providing care to all who need it.

There was significant progress on planning the Terraine D'Acra settlement, too. In all our work, the American Refugee Committee strives to involve the community in our work from Step 1. The people are living in this settlement, they need to have a voice in how it will function. They know best what they need.

Eric James, our Director of Program Development, sat down with the community leaders and hashed out what should be located where in the settlement. He offered our own expertise in managing such sites as well. After a couple of hours they had a rough plan that everyone was happy with.

Steps like these may seem cumbersome, but without them we might end up creating settlements and programs that do not make sense or function the way the community needs them to.

Today, we'll begin working with the community to develop spaces that are safe and friendly for children living at Terraine D'Acra.

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