Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In Port-Au-Prince

We arrived in Port-Au-Prince today and met up with the rest of our team who've been here since last Thursday. We saw a glimpse of the destruction the earthquake has caused. But I'm told it's nothing compared to most of the rest of the city (will give a report of that tomorrow).

As I'm sure you've heard, there was another quake (6.0, I think) centered just outside of Port-Au-Prince today. Our part of the team was still in Dominican Republic, so we didn't feel it. But, the team members who were in Port-Au-Prince did. They're both fine. But I think the after-shock definitely made Haitians even more scared.

A team member was coming back into the UN compound yesterday evening when he encountered stones in the street. Apparently, people are too scared to sleep indoors. So, entire neighborhoods are sleeping out in the street, putting stones at either end to stop cars from running them over in the middle of the night.

More tomorrow.

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