Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To the Clinic at Jimani

In a few minutes, we're headed to the clinic at Jimani run by Dorothy Vale and Dale (I'm not sure his last name), in a partnership with Mayo Clinic and others. The clinic is just a few km on the Dominican side of the border. Stephanie and Eric from our team visited the clinic yesterday.

Their description of the clinic was like a scene from a Hollywood film. Haitians are being taken by helicopter from Port-Au-Prince for care at the clinic. The small clinic is seeing 300 patients. Doctors are running around treating injuries of the very worst kinds. People are laying on mattresses, outside, on the ground. In the last 40 hours, the doctors have done 60 amputations.

They're low on certain supplies we hope to get them today: bedsheets, IVs, mattresses, stretchers, Adult diapers, masks, scrubs, wheelchairs, walkers, pillows, bed pans, toothbrushes, towels, cleaning supplies, antiseptic, cots, garbage bags. And body bags and a way to dispose of amputated limbs.

Many families left Port-Au-Prince to accompany their family members to the clinic. Up to 500 people are at Jimani and, with more arriving, they're trying to figure out a long-term way to shelter these people. We hope to help with that as well.

More updates later.

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