Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jimani Clinic

We arrived at the clinic this morning, around 730 am. We delivered essential supplies for nearly 600 patients who are being treated at the clinic + their family members (each patient probably has 2 or 3 family members with them).

We brought hygiene kit items like soap, towels, diapers, feminine pads, toothbrushes and paste that are essential in emergencies. We also brought mosquito nets, fresh bedding, and lots of cleaning supplies to help maintain the clinic. And soccer balls for something for the kids to do.

People are still arriving here for help. Yesterday there were 80 new arrivals and more are expected today. Injuries are very serious. People who must have limbs amputated, burns, and other serious injuries from cinder block structures falling on top of them.

This is a well-equipped but small clinic. There's not enough room for all of those people who need care and there is no place for people to go once they've been treated. Our team is working on a solution for people who've fled Port-Au-Prince and need shelter and basic services.

On to Port-Au-Prince.

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