Friday, January 22, 2010

Food Distribution

Today we did a food distribution at four different sites in the Delmas area of the city - at 3 of the tent cities that have popped up throughout the city and at one other location.

We targetted the distribution primarily to mothers with small children who might need the food the most. Pregnant mothers received double. We did also distribute to the elderly and some men. In total, we reached 2,200 people today with food.

At the distribution, I met Milia (above). Milia is 20 years old. Today he's living alone with his cousin. The rest of his family died in the earthquake. Milia has no food. No money to buy food. He's finished with university, but he can't find work in Haiti. Without a job and with his whole family gone, Milia can't purchase food for himself and his cousin. He and his cousin are living wherever they can find space right now.

"My house is dirt. My family is dirt. My country is dirt. Haiti is a mess right now. This country is a mess."

Milia's case is not uncommon. Haiti had problems before this happened. And the earthquake has made things many times worse for the people.

The American Refugee Committee wants to get people like Milia to work, cleaning the streets, digging latrines at the tent settlements, or doing other work. It will help the country get back to normal more quickly, but, most importantly, it will give people like Milia a shot at supporting himself and his cousin.

We have another distribution tomorrow morning. People are in serious need of hygiene products, so we're delivering family hygiene kits (soap, laundry soap, basin, towels, etc.) to 1,000 families tomorrow at yet another tent city. I'll let you knwo tomorrow how that goes.

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